"Afro Sconce" "Who's Nose?"
ceramic sconce w/ horns 21" X 15"
$450 + tax
installments available
ceramic sconce w/ feathers 21" X 16"
$450 + tax
installments available
"Buddha Goddess" "Multi Culture"
computer photo print 8.5" X 11"
$35 + tax unframed
ceramic relief 10" X 10"
$90 + tax
Contact: glenneth@TheFINE-ARTcafe.org
I have been a practicing fine artist for over 23 years working in mainly ceramic sculpture but more recently photography, computer graphics, and film. I enjoy ceramics as a medium the most, but am fascinated with the use of computer and other technology. I particularly am interested in symbols and combining things together that typically don't work into ways that do. A good example of this is the combining of modern computer and photo images onto primitive looking wall relief's, sculptural sconces and torchea lights. In the last few years I've involved myself in natural straw bale, cob, and hyper adobe construction as a extension of my art ideas. My intention is to do commissions for add on sculptural door and window frames for home owners. I'm interested in music, theater, and dance with the thought of future collaborations in performance art. Part of my interest in a community art site which would include a gallery and performance space is with that in mind. I have found that when these elements occur at the same venue collaboration begins to happen quite naturally by osmosis.