The FINE ART Cafe' is the brainchild of Glenneth Lambert a local art teacher who has been dedicated to the field of art for over 22 years. He has extensive experience at participating and more importantly leading non profit art groups. The business idea is to combine into one site a gallery, performance space, cafe' , wine and health bar which will allow for an audience of 200+ . In one visit you might experience a great dinner, hear a fine artist talk about there work and also hear some wonderful jazz music by a local group. You might also choose to visit one of the resident artist live work spaces to witness him in the midst of a creation. Our main idea is to make a comfortable , classy, yet accessible place to experience great local art. It is also planned that as we develop we will offer a full program of art classes and workshops to further enrichen the community.
"Great Stuff For The Soul"
It is our intent to focus on art work which is more expressive or bold and therefore be a resource to support such expressions. It is our experience that such artwork is often more powerful and has more difficulty finding a outlet. We also intend to sponsor business seminars for artist and provide support services such as insurance, coaching, and grant resources. Initially the priority is to secure non profit status and sponsor local exhibits and events to build a network of artist and market our project. This web site is a tool for that means. This undertaking is VERY LARGE and will not be possible without generous support form local business and people like you. Please do not hesitate at becoming a member and helping in any way that you can. Contacts, information, and local resources might be more helpful than money alone. We are also looking to find resident live-work artist who are a good fit. These artist would need to enjoy interfacing with the public and be willing to have regular open studio hours (min. of 15 hrs per week) The resident artist agreement would be long term and include a ongoing exhibition space as well as posted open studio hours. Please let us know if you feel you would work well in such a site.