As a seed money fundraiser for The FINE ART Cafe', we’re offering Astrology charts at a significantly reduced price. These charts can be purchased below, and will be sent promptly upon receipt of payment. Allow 2-5 days in a worst case. Payment can be made via if you are already registered. If you are not, you can register and pay immediately if you have a Visa or MasterCard. Payment can also deducted directly from your checking account however this takes a couple days. Unless noted, chart will be figured using the most accepted Tropical Placidus method. If you’re interested in other methods such as Verdic please email me. I have abilities to do quite an assortment of wheels and data pages (for the more serious astrologer). The pages are extensive & complete, averaging approximately 20 pages. I've included sample charts of Vincent Van Gogh & Marilyn Monroe to illustrate what these look like. Individual charts cost only $10 if it can be sent via email or $15 if you want them sent via snail mail. They can be sent in either html format (your preferences must be set to allow / THEY LOOK BETTER this way) or ASCII (plain text).

NOTE: charts will be sent as a file attachment to an emails. It is your responsibility to have your preferences set to allow receiving the charts. Otherwise you should select the option for snail mail. THANK YOU in advance for helping with our exciting project.




Sample Charts