A vision as large as The FINE ART Cafe' is not possible without much support by local business and people like YOU. It is out intent that we will give back much culturally to earn such support. Please do join TODAY and purchase a astrology chart as a part of our seed money fundraiser. It is a part of the design that your get back what you contribute in support. For example their will be three tiers of discounts which will be figured based on volunteer time. This will not only allow for discounts on all we offer, but allow for pay back in smaller commissions if your a participating artist. Artist for the purpose of this organization include all fine art mediums, musicians, actors, dancers, and other performance arts. Members will be include in all mailings which will eventually include a regular newsletter.  

The FINE ART Cafe' P.O. Box 7392, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
707-528-4ART - glenneth@TheFINE-ARTcafe.org

  Individual - $25  
  ARTist - $20 Medium
  Family - $40 Medium
  Patron - $60  
  Sponsor - $100  
  Partner - $250  
  Underwriter - $500  
  Benefactor - $1000+  
  I can help by
  The mission of The FINE ART Cafe is simply "to make art ACCESSIBLE to the general public"
Please join us with this vital effort.