"Morning Coffee" "The Window"
21" X 20.5" clay monotype w/ oil stick, pencil, & marker $550 + tax Installments available 12" X 17" clay monotype $ 250 + tax installments available
"The Send Off" "I think I MISSED The Turn"
36" X 38" clay monotype w/ oil stick, pencil, & marker $2,000 + tax installments available 21" X 20.5" clay monotype $550 + tax Installments available
Contact: rosannne46@earthlink.net
My clay monotypes is a technique of brushing layer upon layer of color clay slip onto a leather hard clay slab. I transfer the image onto a paper / canvas using a rolling pin to transfer the clay slip onto the substrate. Because China clay is very inert and the pigments used are permanent and stable, the clay remains intact and will give you pleasure for many years. I create images from personal experience. I have been told that I place my life in my imagery. With that, it is all that surrounds me that I see, smell, and experience that goes into my art work. I like to create imagery that will amuse the viewer. My love of color is from growing up in East Los Angelas, CA in a Mexican - American household and neighborhood.